Chuck season5

baru2 ni chuck season 5 yg ku tunggu2 da release. tak sabar nak tengok keterean Chuck ni. aku layan chuck ni dari first year lagi sampai la aku final year ni dan dengar kata chuck season5 ni pun final season. jadi aku memeang selari lah dengan season chuck.  untuk 1st episode chuck season 5 ni aku baru nak layan nih. jom layan sesama. hee
chuck ni tak bpa tere tp dia wat2 tere smpai aku rasa dia sangat cool. hehe

Genres: Comedy Drama

"Zachary Levi starred as computer geek and social misfit Chuck Bartowski in this heady NBC combination of comedy, fantasy, espionage, teen angst and wish fulfillment. While working a technical-support firm called the Nerd Herd staffed by "socially challenged" individuals, Chuck inherits a wealth of top-secret government information from a cornered agent who knew him once upon a time. Before long, Chuck meets Sarah Walker (Yvonne Starhovski), a sexy super-spy whose mission it was to keep his newly-obtained secrets out of the hands of the enemy. (Strahovski somehow managed to shed most of her clothes in each episode, which surely didn't hurt ratings much). Also in the cast were Adam Baldwin as irascible CIA boss Maj. John Casey, Joshua Gomez as Chuck's goofy best friend Morgan Grimes, Sarah Lancaster as Chuck's troublesome sister Ellie, and, at Nerd Herd headquarters, Mark Christopher Lawrence as manager Big Mike, C.S. Lee as assistant manager C.S. Lee, and Chuck's coworkers Anna (Julia Ling, Lester (Vik Sahay and Jeff (Scott Krinsky). The weekly, hour-long Chuck was first seen on September 24, 2007."

love, lina

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