Sorry & Happy Birthday

hi my lovely baby,
Happy Birthday to U.. smoga awak makin kurus & dipermudahkan segala urusan dunia & akhirat.. lagi snang a awak nk kaya nt.. hee sorry for last nite.. i totally ruined one year of waiting time in one nite. my deepest regret to let u alone on birthday nite.. i dunno how can i forgot the nite.. i always think that nite will be tomorrow. my silly mistake. maybe ade hikmah disebalik kejadian..
sy marahkat diri sy sendiri..sdih & rasa btul2 truk.. how stupid i am..
sy pon sdey sgt.. rs mcm i lost u for a long time..and very regretful...
if only i can turn back time just one hour for u.. sorry syg.. sy janji this wont happen again..sorry

lot of things i miss out in my life.. the only thing that caused this mess is myself
i share less thing with u.. im sorry because im very secretive..i want to learn to share with u every part of my life..

i never forget about you syg.. how can i live without u.. i never forget your birthday.. awal2 lg sy bli hadiah utk awak..

im very sorry.. i owe u 3 years of wonderful birthday nights.. how can i make u feel happiest girl ever in a nite.. please Allah show me the way..

 much love for u, luv u n always luv u

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