shes back from korea

last nite.. wak ym sy
last word 'tungguuuu'
i wait
n wait
n still waitin

hope u left me message that u r leavin for msia
as i wait, i keep prayin that u r safe
really worry abt u

at last
i got sms from u
thx god
wak da blk
dpt gak sy denga sore wak

tp bila sy usik wak..
besa la usik2 ni..
tp wak ckp through sms..' xska wak'

sy x taw tat word do u really mean it
or just for my 'usik'
it took all nite to think that how wrong i am
do u really hate me?
mayb u just tired nk lyn sms sy yg ske ngarut
anyway tat words hurt
time sy call pon wak x ckp miss, love, care
x pe la
i try to think positive.. my wak tired + kt umah cousin
i hope....

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